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Haunted Mansion Stories/01/Ch18

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The killer rushed toward the group. He grabbed Voght and held him up by the throat. Voght felt the grip tightening, but before the killer could crush his neck, his grip was broken. He fell to the ground because Ifrit had hit him with a shovel that he found leaning against the side of the house. The killer began to get up again, but Voght, Ifrit, and Dragon Thunder began to charge at him.

Dk yelled, “NO! Zorg! GET ZORG!”

The four of them charged at their former friend Zorg; but, before one of them could lay a finger on him, he dropped his sniper, pulled out two Uzis, and began shooting like a madman at the four people running toward him.

Dk dodged all the bullets in a slow-motion Matrix style. Voght and Ifrit ducked, but Dragon Thunder dodged to the right and was hit in the leg with 3 bullets. Zorg turned to face the wounded Dragon Thunder and began firing at him. As Zorg was shooting, Dragon Thunder DK rolled and picked up the sniper Zorg had dropped. Zorg turned around; the two were aiming their guns directly at each other. Zorg began shooting, and DK rolled to the left and shot him in the leg with the sniper.

Zorg fell to the ground in pain.

As all the shooting was going on, the cloaked killer had gotten to his feet and went to attack Voght and Ifrit. He had grabbed Ifrit, but before he could do anything, Voght grabbed the knife that DK had thrown and stabbed the killer in the back. He dropped Ifrit and began to scream, then vanished into a smoky shadow.

Dk aimed the rifle at Zorg’s head and said, “Now it ends. I will kill you and finish your sick, twisted game. You lose Zorg. GAME OVER!”

Dk shot Zorg straight through the forehead, and his body fell to the ground.

As the sun began to set, Dk said to his 2 friends “We did it! We killed him! Let's go inside. We can spend the night here and get help in the morning.”

They all agreed, went inside to their usual rooms, and fell sound asleep.

They had managed to kill Zorg, but the killer stood outside looking at the body of its creator. It began to scream. When the three survivors awoke and saw that the killer was still alive, the hooded figure looked up with red eyes and went into the house.

Dk, Voght and Ifrit began to panic as they heard the footsteps of the killer coming up the stairs.