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Haunted Mansion Stories/01/Ch16

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Just then, Garibaldi woke up on a musty old couch in the mansion's parlor. He had fallen asleep after the small dinner everyone had. Garibaldi, still in shock over the way odin was killed, was having nightmares about people being resurrected through playing cards. As distressed as he felt, everyone else looked on edge after dinner, especially since the dark entity which inhabited the house was now reenacting one of his killings. All that they could hear for the next two hours were the screams of one of their companions, who had long since died, as he was tortured in unimaginable ways.

Dragon Thunder then walked into the room with a pair of car keys and said, "I think I just found our ticket outta here!"

The group walked to the garage and slid open the door to find a tiny little car. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a Pinto. Even if the party did feel lucky enough to risk driving a Pinto, the car had no gas. This was a truly evil house.

As the party returned to the house, they saw something truly horifying: the head of flaris -- or, what was left of it -- hanging from the dining room chandelier.

Whether this was an attempt to demoralize the survivors for the dark one's own sick enjoyment, or whether he was just screwing with them, it did not matter. Why? Becuase now more then ever before, their resolve was strengthened.