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Haunted Mansion Stories/01/Ch12

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They saw nothing, to their amazement -- nothing. The only remains of what they had been fighting was the cloak. Suddenly, Dragon Thunder fell and passed out, partly because he was weak from fighting, but also because he was confused, sleep deprived, traumatized, and well, he was in a house where many had been killed in the past day or two!

Suddenly dk16 rose from looking down at the ground. Feelings had overtaken him, and he was grieving for all his friends who had died in the past hours. By now everyone had assembled in the hallway again. Dk stood on the step, still crying.

"Come on, dk, I'm freezing. Get on with it, would you?" said a voice, which sounded like Deeg's, but turned out to be jkjace's. Suddenly dk started a speech, sounding like he was from a film. Some of the older members of the clan couldn't help but laugh as he said:

"Brothers, sisters, and other allies of the Coalition: today we have fought. Many have lost brothers and friends; trust has been lost, but respect has been gained. It is only time before there are few remaining, and, damn it, I don’t want to see the day when the killer is revealed. As some have seen tonight, the killer was found, but managed to escape somhow. But one thing has happened which shows that, while we may have had rivalry in the past, we can recover from our past fights and join as one, hoping to overcome the pitiless soul who is killing people here tonight. So, get whatever you can: blades, guns, wood -- any weapon -- and tommorrow, we're goin' a-hunting."

Garibaldi started to clap, but no one else did, so the sound just echoed away into the halls and rooms around.

They all started to retreat to the rooms which they had found when daylight started to show itself. Dk was sat at a table with a small pistol, which he always carried with him for protection. He had it loaded, and was pointing it at his own head, when mocha walked in on him.

"What the..." mocha started, but he said no more and just fell over, a large crossbow bolt protruding from the back of his head. Then, dk gripped the weapon and shot at the stained glass window in front of him, not stopping until all the seperate panes had fallen out.

It wasn't long before everyone had gathered. The bodies of CLG, Fiction, Seifer, Seppuku, Doddsy, Deeg, flaris, bongo, a1tjm, raiu, Odin1, mocha, aijdko07, and santa were lined up. CLG and Zorg had not been found, but the remaining bodies were covered in blankets and, as Garibaldi suggested, everyone made a silent prayer, whether they were religious or not. It didn't matter, as long as the dead were remembered.

Suddenly, dk jumped off the stair banister from quite high up, landing on the ground with a thud. He was looking at the floor again, and his head rose up. The century-old sword he had found was gripped in his hand, and his long trench coat covered his body. He made another statement of battle, and it wasn't long before people obeyed him this time. Various battle items had been gathered, and the hunt had started. Everyone was paired off: so dk with killermike, garibaldi with jonolil, and so on. They all set off in search of the killer!