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Haunted Mansion Stories/01/Ch11

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The remaining survivors of this horrible ordeal stood petrified holding their weapons, as their implements of death were the only things that were standing between them and doom.

While flaris had the idea of propping an axe against the doorknob, making it impossible to open it from the outside, the others did not think that this would work. Several of the members were thinking about their weapon choices: flaris was wondering how he could wield such a big blade, and dk was wondering what the hell a little bootknife was going to do. Garibaldi was wondering if his kitten Snickers was ok back at home, and why he was in a basement about to get killed. Someone who had seen so many survival horror movies should have known better.

Just then, the doorknob turned, and the dark being outside the door tried to come inside, but the axe that was in place prevented this. Everyone breathed a little sigh of relief; that is, until Seifer's head crashed through the door as if he was being used as a battering ram. The dark one burst through the door, immediately engaging in combat with the party of survivors.

Doddsyboi was the first to fall as the evil dark one grabbed the end of his spear, breaking it midpoint. He then turned the point back at Doddsyboi and impaled him through the chest.

Next was flaris, who had picked the very exaggeratedly-sized sword. The cloaked one simply wrapped his hands around flaris and crushed his skull like a raw egg. This was when dk and Dragon Thunder charged him with their weapons but were unable overpower him, and only barely keep him restrained.


Suddenly, Garibaldi snapped out of his thoughts of his little kitten Snickers and joined in. Alas, even with all three holding down the murderer, they were still not able to subdue him. Just then, Garibaldi took his curved sword and ran it clean through the cloaked murderer and into flaris on the otherside.

With the body of flaris now anchoring down the evil being, dk was able to take his bootknife and begin stabbing relentlessly, but to no avail. Just then, Garibaldi noticed a cabinet on the wall. He ran over to it and smashed it open. Inside was an old, 19th-century double-barrel shotgun with a half a box of shells.

As dk and Dragon Thunder still fought to hold down the being, Garibaldi tried desperately to load the weapon with his nervously-shaking hands until, finally, both barrels were loaded, cocked, and ready to go.

Garibaldi ran up to the cloaked one, pointing the shotgun right down its black hood and pulled the trigger.

Unfortunately, with the gun being so old, one of the barrels malfunctioned and gave Garibaldi a grazing wound on his left shoulder. But the other round went straight into the face of the cloaked evil one, and this method had some effect becuase it had stopped fighting dk and Dragon Thunder.

Dragon Thunder got up, threw down his weapon, and said, "Thats it. Now we find out who has been torturing us all night."

He pulled back the hood, and what they saw left them speechless.