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Haunted Mansion Stories/01/Ch1

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It was a cold, snowy night. Dk16 watched as the snowflakes fell on the window of the bus he was in. It was beginning to snow very hard, and it looked like a blizzard was coming. Dk16 was headed home after a long party. His car had broken down, so he was taking the bus home. He would call someone to tow it when he got home. Little did he know that he might not be coming home...

Jkjace stared outside the window and watched as the weather became worse and worse. It was almost impossible to see anything out there. Good thing there aren't any other cars on this road, he thought. Jkjace looked around at the people in the bus with him. These people were probably the weirdest group of people he'd ever seen. At least the person next to me isn't that weird, he thought. The person next to him was half asleep. He wore a shirt that had the initials "DK" on it.

Jkjace suddenly felt the bus swerving. He hit his head on the side of the bus and was knocked unconscious.

Dk16 was awoken suddenly as he felt himself flying through the air. He hit the person in front of him, and them both went rolling onto the floor. After a while, dk16 finally got up. It seemed the bus had slid out and hit another bus. The passengers on both buses quickly got out and panicked.

After a while, a man named Zorg took charge, and told everybody to look for the nearest place they could stay at.

After the group found an old, abandoned mansion at the side of the road to stay at, Zorg went back to the bus to make sure he had all his belongings. He checked his seat and found that he had left his laptop. He was about to leave the bus, when he tripped over something.

It wasn't something though, it was someone. He heard a groan from the body. He helped the man up. The man brushed himself off, and then started to laugh...