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Haunted Mansion Stories/01

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Haunted Mansion: (Title unknown)

Chapters 1-5

Chapter 1:(Untitled) written by: dk16


It was a cold, snowy night. Dk16 watched as the snowflakes fell on the window of the bus he was in. It was beginning to snow very hard, and it looked like a blizzard was coming. Dk16 was headed home after a long party. His car had broken down, so he was taking the bus home. He would call someone to tow it when he got home. Little did he know that he might not be coming home...

Jkjace stared outside the window and watched as the weather became worse and worse. It was almost impossible to see anything out there. Good thing there aren't any other cars on this road, he thought. Jkjace looked around at the people in the bus with him. These people were probably the weirdest group of people he'd ever seen. At least the person next to me isn't that weird, he thought. The person next to him was half asleep. He wore a shirt that had the initials "DK" on it.

Jkjace suddenly felt the bus swerving. He hit his head on the side of the bus and was knocked unconscious.

Dk16 was awoken suddenly as he felt himself flying through the air. He hit the person in front of him, and them both went rolling onto the floor. After a while, dk16 finally got up. It seemed the bus had slid out and hit another bus. The passengers on both buses quickly got out and panicked.

After a while, a man named Zorg took charge, and told everybody to look for the nearest place they could stay at.

After the group found an old, abandoned mansion at the side of the road to stay at, Zorg went back to the bus to make sure he had all his belongings. He checked his seat and found that he had left his laptop. He was about to leave the bus, when he tripped over something.

It wasn't something though, it was someone. He heard a groan from the body. He helped the man up. The man brushed himself off, and then started to laugh...

Chapter 2:(Untitled) written by: bongo17


The group heard a horrible scream from the bus.

"Hmm... must have been an animal," said jkjace in a scared voice. They hurried off to the mansion.

They walked up the snowy steps and onto the porch. They yanked the door open. One man, named Fiction, led the way in. It was a huge mansion but had hardly anything in it. There were stairs in front of them.

"We should go up upstairs," said Fiction. Everyone followed him except for one man. The others asked where he was going.

"To the washroom," he replied in a low, creepy voice. He ran out of the way so he couldn't be seen and headed for the washroom. No one knew who it was.

The group all shared rooms; luckily there were beds for everyone. Jkjace, Fiction, and dk16 shared a room.

Fiction said, "I have to go to the washroom too." He made his way to the washroom.

The rest of the group eventually fell asleep.

Later on that night, jkjace and dk16 were awoken by a loud scream from the washroom.

"Something weird is going on here," said jkjace in a shaken voice as he stared at the empty spot on the bed where Fiction slept...

Chapter 3:(Untitled) written by: jkjace


Jkjace and Dk16 were just staring blankly at the spot where Fiction had lain just 15 minutes ago. They knew that something was terribly wrong. Everyone in the room knew this but was afraid to say anything, because the killer could be among them.

Then someone spoke. It was Voght. He was trying to calm everyone down and come up with a plan to catch the killer. He finally came up with the idea that everyone should go down to the bathroom together to find the killer. But Aijdkoo7 didn't want to go! He was afraid that the killer would get everyone who went. Everyone decided that if he wanted to stay, he would do it alone.

Everyone left with the exception of Aijdkoo7, who stayed tucked snug in his bed on that Christmas eve night. Everyone walked down the hallway towards the bathroom. When they got there there was nothing -- no shoeprints, no body, and no killer! Now everyone was really afraid.

Then there was a loud thud on the roof. Everyone ran downstairs to go outside and take a look at what made the noise. But as soon as they got down the stairs, they heard a rustle. No one could figure out where it had come from. They searched for a few minutes, then decided to continue on their way outside.

Then they heard another noise, but this time it was louder, and everyone knew right where it was coming from -- the chimney! Who would have guessed that someone was hiding in the chimney!

Someone yelled "Get him!"

Everyone scattered in different directions to get something to use to protect themselves. Then soot-covered feet popped out from the bottom of the chimney. Jkjace took the candlestick from the counter and gave the figure in the chimney such a smack that he could bring down a mountain. Then a big man in a red suit with a white beard and rosy cheeks fell to the floor with a loud, bone-chilling thud.

He was dead!


Then it was quiet except for the bone-chilling screams coming from jkjace. Everyone was trying to calm him down, then they remembered Santa was lying on the floor. Dk16 was hopelessly giving the soot-covered man CPR.

Then he looked up and said, "He's definitely dead." Those were the words everyone was dreading.

Just as soon as everyone was calming down, there came a terrifying crash that everyone knew was the sound of the upstairs bedroom window shattering. What they didn't know is what they would find next...

Chapter 4:(Untitled) written by: Voght


Voght saw that jkjace had killed Santa. A rage started to build inside the young man. He had believed in Santa during his diaper years. He believed in Santa even now, but now he was dead. However, now was not the time for such things.

Yes, the presents are mine! CLG thought. He had a cunning plan in mind. He would steal the suit! Then go back to the workshop and make millions of presents. And then… SELL THEM!

With that horrible thought in mind, the greedy CLG ran to the body of Santa and stripped his clothes from him, putting them on himself. They didn’t fit.

“OMG! You brought him down to his britches!” said a rather excited jkjace. Then there was a crash -- a sound of breaking glass. It came from Aijdkoo7’s room! Quickly, the group rushed up, but dk16 was dragging behind.

“CLG, what are you doing?” He was asking the new ‘Santa’, who was trying to climb the chimney. CLG had a gleam in his eye that no man knew. Okay… no poor man knew.

“Mine, mine mine mine!” His mind was gone. The truth about Santa had driven him mad. Dk16 shook his head. He would try to save his poor soul later. For now, he didn’t want anyone to falsely accuse him of murdering someone. Dk16 hurried up behind the group.

CLG was now arms-deep in the fire place, trying to get up to the sleigh. He heard the sound of feet approaching towards him.

The group burst into Aijdkoo7’s room only to find him missing. They had begun to wonder what had happened to him when jkjace shouted.

“Look, the window!”

It was shattered, and blood was caught on some glass shards on the floor. It looked as if someone had been thrown out it. Voght ran to it, and looking down from the high floor he saw nothing through the darkness and the cold rain.

“He’s dead… or worse.” was all that the man got out before screaming was heard.

It was as if the person was in a world of torment now known to mortal men. The group quickly ran down the stairs again, but alas, there was a fire lit in the fireplace.

“Hey, CLG tried to climb up that…” dk16 said as two charred stubs stuck out from the chimney.

There was an intake of breath before someone from the back said, “Well, looks as if he’s the Ghost of Christmas Toast…”

Then they realized.

Santa’s body was gone.

Chapter 5:(Untitled) written by: Garibaldi


While the commotion in the house was going on, Odin and Garibaldi sat in the guest house, which was found out back when they arrived at the mansion. No one had originally wanted to stay in the somewhat drafty guest house, but when sleeping space ran out in the mansion, Garibaldi and Odin drew the short straws and were forced to jimmy open the front and sleep there.

Neither could sleep, as this trip to Europe had taken both well out of their native time zones, so they were playing poker. Odin was robbing Garibaldi. As Garibaldi sat shuffling the cards and grumbling about his newfound financial shortfall, they heard a window break in the adjacent mansion.

Odin remarked, "First we hear sleigh bells and now this. What the heck is going on out there?"

Garibaldi sat, still shuffling, and answered, "You just want to end this so that I never find out how you cheated me out of so much money. Besides, it's too wet and cold to go out anywhere."

That's when both of them heard footsteps outside on the soggy, snowy ground. At first they thought it was one of the people who had been on the bus with them, but these footsteps went past the front door of the guest house and around the back. That's when they both agreed it should be checked out. Odin said that if Garibaldi checked it out, then he would forget about his poker debt. Garibaldi reluctantly agreed.

As he prepared to go outside, he noticed a nice, heavy-looking, pewter candlestick holder on the table. He figured it would come in handy if those footsteps turned out to belong to someone nasty.

As Garibaldi turned the corner, his pulse quickened. A horrible rush of anxiety came over him, but when he turned the corner of the house, he was more puzzled then frightened. Against a pile of wood, there lay the body of Fiction. As he knelt down to Fiction to see if he was dead or just badly hurt, a loud cry for help came from the guest house, followed by a silencing thud.

He raced back to the door, which was left wide open, to find Odin hanging from the wall, suspended there by a sole railroad spike driven through his mouth and out the back of his neck. Oddly enough, there was a playing card tucked on his ear; it was the Ace of Spades.

Just then, dk16 ran up to the door, "Quick, you two, get in the mansion! Something strange is going o-"

Dk16 stopped at the sight of Odin nailed to the wall. After he got his wits back, he yelled "GARIBALDI WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! WE GOTTA GET BACK TO THE MANSION!"

Garibaldi looked at dk and said, "Well if he had an ace hiding in his ear, I wanna know what was in his sleeve. He had to have been cheating."

Dk16 yelled again, "NEVERMIND THAT! LET'S GET OUTTA THIS HORRIBLE GUEST HOUSE". As they both went to leave, they saw the footprints of the killer leading into the open doors of the mansion's storm cellar, with the tracks of what looked like a pitchfork or other nasty garden implement.

They both went back to the mansion to inform the others of yet another tragedy at the hands of the still-unknown killer.

Chapters 6-11

Chapter 6:(Untitled) written by: Deeg


Once they had reentered the building, the outlines of the prints carried on for a short while but then disappeared. This wasn't very odd, as it was just the mud coming off, but at the start, all the details of the shoes' soles were outlined. Now it was just the odd fleck of dirt.

Dk16 had stepped past all the footprints, but with a plan ringing in his head, if he could get everyone together and try match the footprints, he would know who the killer was. It must be someone with pretty large feet, as these prints are extraordinarily large, he thought.

He talked with Garibaldi about his plan on the way back, and they both agreed to try to get it to work. Within the next half hour, everyone was lined up in the hall where Santa had been found dead. The fire was still burning, and a waft of rotten air kept floating past. Many were still reflecting on their missing friends, but some were tense with anger, hoping that this would prove their innocence.

Garibaldi had drawn a rough shape of the footprint, and he and dk16 were both extensively measuring and taking details of each person's shoe tread. Dk and Garibaldi had finished after about half an hour, and everyone was waiting tensely. Dk walked up to various people and whispered in their ears, while Garibaldi did the same. After everyone had been spoken to, 4 members of the group went and stood on the bottom step of a nearby staircase.

Seppuku, Seifer, Voght, and flaris, they were. Everyone suspected it was one of these four, and in assuming this they were right.

Then, suddenly, Deeg shouted out to dk16, "Hey dk, a word?"

"Sure," he replied.

"Dude, I feel sick. Where's the bathroom? You seem to be in charge. You should know."

"I think it's upstairs and to the left."

"Cheers, I'll be straight back."

The queries carried on. Many had to leave the room too, out of bereavement and sickness, and only a few remained, but out of tiredness these were dropping too. Suddenly, a loud shout came from upstairs. Garibaldi hurried up, leaving dk16 in charge.

It was deeg who was doing the shouting. Having been to the bathroom, he was trying to get out but was stuck inside. There were no locks on the door, but outside of it lay the dead, rotten body of Raiu, as if it had been there for days.

Something odd was happening, and now everyone was confused. It wasnt one of the four downstairs, or dk16, or garibaldi, but who was it? The body looked like it had been dead for ages, so someone downstairs could have done it and hidden the body, but then they must have had an accomplice to plant the body. That is, if it was one of them at all.

"Yo, if you havent noticed, I'm still in here," shouted Deeg again.

"Yes, we know," said Garibaldi.

"Well, what's stopping you?"

"Deeg, you're gonna be in there awhile. We got a dead Raiu outside this door, and I ain't touchin' him."

Chapter 7:(Untitled) written by: SuperCLG


On the other side of the mansion, bongo17 was sneaking around, looking for clues to catch the killer.It was all quiet in the mansion, and bongo17 started to get worried. Suddenly he heard someone talking in a strange language. Curious as he is, he followed the sound into a dark hallway. When he rounded the corner of the hallway, the sound stopped, and all bongo17 could think about was the faint smell of bitter almond. He recognized the smell from before but he couldn't place it...

Meanwhile, Garibaldi had seen the rotten body of Raiu and had ran down to tell the others.

"We can't just leave Deeg in the bathroom," dk16 said and started to walk towards the bathroom.

"Wait! I'll help you," jkjace yelled and ran up the stairs to dk16.

Dk16 and jkjace managed to move the body, and inside they found the body of Deeg suspended from the ceiling.

"What the hell?!" jkjace shouted.

Dk16, who was getting used to taking care of dead bodies, quickly cut down the rope that held Deeg up. His body fell to the ground, and the first thing dk16 and jkjace noticed was that Deeg's face had been stripped of its flesh.

Bongo17 opened the door that he believed the smell was coming form. In the room, there was only a fountain, shaped like the body of a dead girl in a bathtub.

"Now, this is getting stranger by the minute," bongo17 mumbled to himself. He stepped out of the room and shut the door. When he turned around, he stood face-to-face with someone; he could only see his shape. It was as if the darkness was surrounding the man.

"Who did this?" asked jkjace as he turned his face away from the butchered body of Deeg.

"I have no idea," dk16 said, "but it is disgusting. Let's get back to the others."

Back downstairs, the others was wondering what had happened to Deeg. Dk16 and jkjace told them the truth.

"This is get--" Seifer was interrupted by the sound of gunfire.

"Where is my brother?" dk16 asked.

"I think he went to look for some clues," answered Ifrit.

Dk16 started to run towards the sound, yelling to the others, "I need to find bongo17!"

Garibaldi started ro run after dk16, thinking, I can't leave the poor guy alone.

Dk16 and Garibaldi ran through the the halls, looking for the source of the gunfire.

After some time, dk16 found bongo17 in a pile of blood.

"Nothing, nothing. I did see him and he's nothing," bongo17 mumbled.

"Nothing? What does he mean by nothing?" Garibaldi asked.

"The smell. Remember the smell," bongo17 whispered, and his eyes rolled back into his skull.

Chapter 8:(Untitled) written by: flaris


"NO!" cried dk16. "Let's get outta here, dude," replied Garibaldi.

As they walked back, dragging bongo17 along, only one member of their crew was there: Seppuku.

"Where the hell is everyone?" asked dk16.

No answer.


No answer.


No answer.

Dk16 was getting frustrated, so he kicked Seppuku.

Seppuku fell backwards, with two knives plunged into his eyes.

"AWW F***!" said Garibaldi.

At that moment, Garibaldi realized Seppuku had been writing something at the time of his death.

He read it aloud: "See him with your..."

He was cut off by dk16.

"Do you smell it?" he asked.

"Smell what?" replied Garibaldi.

"Bitter...almonds" dk16 replied.

Garibaldi sniffed the air and recognized the scent.

This was followed up by the word that dk16 said next: "Run!"

Hindered by bongo's weight, they ran up the stairs and into the room where they had been sleeping. They quickly ran into a closet and hid.

After about 10 minutes, they heard footsteps...

Chapter 9:(Untitled) written by: dk16


Dk16's and Garibaldi's hearts beat faster and faster as the footsteps got closer and closer...

Dk16 quietly felt around him in the cramped closet. He found a broomstick. He grasped it tightly as he prepared to swing open the closet door. Garibaldi stared through the crack at the bottom of the door. Three pairs of shoes stopped right in front of the door, and turned slowly.

Just then, dk16 swung the door open and slammed it into the first person's face, catching him off guard. He then swung the broomstick around and smashed him in the gut. Then, he went into a low-swinging spin move, which he learned from watching The Matrix Reloaded, and knocked the remaining two unconscious onto the floor. He twirled the broomstick around through his fingers, then went into a kung fu pose. Garibaldi, who was still huddled in the closet with his hands on his head, got up and dusted himself off.

"HA!! that'll teach 'em not to mess with Garibaldi!!"

Dk16 just shook his head and laughed. He stopped laughing when he saw the victims' faces. It was Mocha, Seifer, and Jonolill. and they werent armed or anything. They were probably just going for a midnight snack.

"Oh, crap... it wasn't me, I swear!"

Dk16 and Garibaldi were headed to the bedroom to get help for their unconcious buddies when they heard more footsteps. They started to run up the staircase to the bedroom, but Garibaldi tripped and sent them both rolling. They landed at the feet of three dark figures. Dk16 quickly rolled sideways and broke off part of the old side-rail to the staircase. As he swung it at the first dark figure, he saw it all in slow-motion. The handle slowly came down on the man's head. The man closed his eyes, waiting for the searing pain, but it never came. The pole stopped an inch away from his head. Dk16 suddenly dropped the pole to the ground.

"Woah... deja vu..."

The three dark figures were the same ones as last time: Seifer, Mocha, and Jonolill. They had regained conciousness very quickly from the weak beating by dk16. They said they had awoken to a dark, hooded figure with a knife standing over them. Somehow, they had ran and escaped.

Seifer tried to explain in detail what the killer looked like: "He was very tall, and he wore all black, and looked sorta like... like that guy over there!" Seifer pointed to dark figure standing in the corner.

They all stood frozen in fear. The man in the corner made a quick flicking motion with his wrist. That shook them out of their stunned stare, and they all started to run -- all of them except for Seifer, who was nailed to the wall with a knife through his head.

Chapter 10:(Untitled) written by: flaris


They ran quickly down the hall, but, somehow, the hooded figure was at the end.

He walked toward them, but at that moment, Doddsyboi and flaris came out from a room, and both jumped, kicking the hooded figure in the head.

"Jackie Chan your a**!" said flaris.

"This is not the time," replied Doddsyboi.

They all gathered round the hooded figure. Dk16 was still clutching the broom from the closet, and with one clean sweep, he swiped at the figure on the ground.

It was only a trenchcoat and black jeans. At that moment Doddsyboi saw what seemed to be an arrow flying at A1tjm’s head.

He jumped up and and tried to roundhouse kick the arrow back to where it came from, but he was too late.

"Bulls***!" yelled Doddsyboi.

They ran into the room where Doddsyboi and flaris had directed them. They seemed to be in the basement where the pitchfork had been dragged into. At that moment, they noticed dozens of weapons hanging from the wall, along with shivering Ifrit, jkjace, killermike, Voght and Dragon Thunder. They each grabbed a weapon and waited for the terror to enter “the battlegrounds”.

Doddsyboi, flaris, dk16, and Garibaldi stood in front while the others, on the verge of urinating in their pants, stood behind.Doddsyboi grabbed a spear with a curved edge; flaris grabbed what seemed to be like the Gunblade from Final Fantasy VIII, dk16 a boot knife, Garibaldi a sword, and the rest but Dragon Thunder had training poles, as Dragon Thunder just chose a brass knuckle and claw that would just slide on his hands.

The figure walked down the stairs and the crew was ready to face their fears…

Chapter 11:(Untitled) written by: Garibaldi


The remaining survivors of this horrible ordeal stood petrified holding their weapons, as their implements of death were the only things that were standing between them and doom.

While flaris had the idea of propping an axe against the doorknob, making it impossible to open it from the outside, the others did not think that this would work. Several of the members were thinking about their weapon choices: flaris was wondering how he could wield such a big blade, and dk was wondering what the hell a little bootknife was going to do. Garibaldi was wondering if his kitten Snickers was ok back at home, and why he was in a basement about to get killed. Someone who had seen so many survival horror movies should have known better.

Just then, the doorknob turned, and the dark being outside the door tried to come inside, but the axe that was in place prevented this. Everyone breathed a little sigh of relief; that is, until Seifer's head crashed through the door as if he was being used as a battering ram. The dark one burst through the door, immediately engaging in combat with the party of survivors.

Doddsyboi was the first to fall as the evil dark one grabbed the end of his spear, breaking it midpoint. He then turned the point back at Doddsyboi and impaled him through the chest.

Next was flaris, who had picked the very exaggeratedly-sized sword. The cloaked one simply wrapped his hands around flaris and crushed his skull like a raw egg. This was when dk and Dragon Thunder charged him with their weapons but were unable overpower him, and only barely keep him restrained.


Suddenly, Garibaldi snapped out of his thoughts of his little kitten Snickers and joined in. Alas, even with all three holding down the murderer, they were still not able to subdue him. Just then, Garibaldi took his curved sword and ran it clean through the cloaked murderer and into flaris on the otherside.

With the body of flaris now anchoring down the evil being, dk was able to take his bootknife and begin stabbing relentlessly, but to no avail. Just then, Garibaldi noticed a cabinet on the wall. He ran over to it and smashed it open. Inside was an old, 19th-century double-barrel shotgun with a half a box of shells.

As dk and Dragon Thunder still fought to hold down the being, Garibaldi tried desperately to load the weapon with his nervously-shaking hands until, finally, both barrels were loaded, cocked, and ready to go.

Garibaldi ran up to the cloaked one, pointing the shotgun right down its black hood and pulled the trigger.

Unfortunately, with the gun being so old, one of the barrels malfunctioned and gave Garibaldi a grazing wound on his left shoulder. But the other round went straight into the face of the cloaked evil one, and this method had some effect becuase it had stopped fighting dk and Dragon Thunder.

Dragon Thunder got up, threw down his weapon, and said, "Thats it. Now we find out who has been torturing us all night."

He pulled back the hood, and what they saw left them speechless.

Chapters 12-17

Chapter 12:(Untitled) written by: Deeg


They saw nothing, to their amazement -- nothing. The only remains of what they had been fighting was the cloak. Suddenly, Dragon Thunder fell and passed out, partly because he was weak from fighting, but also because he was confused, sleep deprived, traumatized, and well, he was in a house where many had been killed in the past day or two!

Suddenly dk16 rose from looking down at the ground. Feelings had overtaken him, and he was grieving for all his friends who had died in the past hours. By now everyone had assembled in the hallway again. Dk stood on the step, still crying.

"Come on, dk, I'm freezing. Get on with it, would you?" said a voice, which sounded like Deeg's, but turned out to be jkjace's. Suddenly dk started a speech, sounding like he was from a film. Some of the older members of the clan couldn't help but laugh as he said:

"Brothers, sisters, and other allies of the Coalition: today we have fought. Many have lost brothers and friends; trust has been lost, but respect has been gained. It is only time before there are few remaining, and, damn it, I don’t want to see the day when the killer is revealed. As some have seen tonight, the killer was found, but managed to escape somhow. But one thing has happened which shows that, while we may have had rivalry in the past, we can recover from our past fights and join as one, hoping to overcome the pitiless soul who is killing people here tonight. So, get whatever you can: blades, guns, wood -- any weapon -- and tommorrow, we're goin' a-hunting."

Garibaldi started to clap, but no one else did, so the sound just echoed away into the halls and rooms around.

They all started to retreat to the rooms which they had found when daylight started to show itself. Dk was sat at a table with a small pistol, which he always carried with him for protection. He had it loaded, and was pointing it at his own head, when mocha walked in on him.

"What the..." mocha started, but he said no more and just fell over, a large crossbow bolt protruding from the back of his head. Then, dk gripped the weapon and shot at the stained glass window in front of him, not stopping until all the seperate panes had fallen out.

It wasn't long before everyone had gathered. The bodies of CLG, Fiction, Seifer, Seppuku, Doddsy, Deeg, flaris, bongo, a1tjm, raiu, Odin1, mocha, aijdko07, and santa were lined up. CLG and Zorg had not been found, but the remaining bodies were covered in blankets and, as Garibaldi suggested, everyone made a silent prayer, whether they were religious or not. It didn't matter, as long as the dead were remembered.

Suddenly, dk jumped off the stair banister from quite high up, landing on the ground with a thud. He was looking at the floor again, and his head rose up. The century-old sword he had found was gripped in his hand, and his long trench coat covered his body. He made another statement of battle, and it wasn't long before people obeyed him this time. Various battle items had been gathered, and the hunt had started. Everyone was paired off: so dk with killermike, garibaldi with jonolil, and so on. They all set off in search of the killer!

Chapter 13:(Untitled) written by: bongo17


They searched throughout the mansion. They knew it pretty well so they finished pretty quickly.

"Aghhh! where is he!?" said dk16.

"He'll show up eventually," mumbled killermike.

"wait! What about the guest house?"

"YES! Great idea!"

Dk16 and killermike headed off to the smelly old guest house. They opened the creaky wooden door and entered the room. Dk16 flicked on the light and saw floating cards and a shadowy man, but he wasnt alone. He seemed to be playing cards with someone; it was Zorg.

"Zorg, what are you doing here?" called out dk16.

"Hey, hey -- you're forgetting someone," said a mysterious voice they had never heard before.

"Wha... what? Who are y-y-you?" asked killermike in a frightened voice.

"You should know," said the voice.

"The KILLER!" cried killermike.

They both ran out of the house, but killermike didnt make it. He was nailed to the door with a blade. Dk16 continued to run but then stopped. He turned around and picked up his knife. He approached the house and could hear killermike screaming his head off on the door.

He walked in, cut killermike off the wall, and said, "I'm not afraid of you. I fought you once, and I'm going to do it again."

"But theres one problem. You cant kill me... I'm already dead!" said the voice with some laughs.

He took a gun from out of nowhere and shot one bullet. It hit killermike and he fell to the floor. Dk16 threw his knife, but it went right through the killer. Then the killer shot another bullet. Dk16 dodged it Matrix style. Zorg just stood there, watching the fight.

Eventually, the killer did what he did best and beat dk16, but he wasn't dead yet. Dk took another knife out, whipped it at the killer, and ran as fast as he could.

He finally reached the mansion, and, panting like a mad dog, he shoved open the doors.

"HE CANT BE KILLED!" cried dk, as the others ran over to see what had happened.

"He was in the guest house playing cards with zorg," said dk in an tired voice.

"Impossible! Zorg was killed a long time ago!" called out jkjace.

"No, it's possible," said dk16 in a grim voice.

Chapter 14:(Untitled) written by: Reloaded


Dk16 went on to explain: "Zorg must have been the one who helped the killer. He must have faked his own death so that no one would suspect him. But who is the real killer?”

They all agreed that none of the few left in the group were the killer, but Garibaldi was suspicious of jkjace. He noticed that there was blood on his shoes, but there was no blood on the shoes of his partner Voght. Tension rose again and everyone became suspicious of each other. Dk16 told everyone that it would be safest if they all continued to search together.

So everyone went back to the guest house to look for clues. When they got there, they were scared to open the door as the killer might still be inside. After a few minutes, Voght worked up the courage to open the door. As his hands touched the doorknob, he felt a chill run through his spine. The door slowly opened, and everyone peered into the darkness. No one was in the house. Voght breathed a sigh of relief.

Dk16 told everyone to spread out and look for clues. After half an hour of looking, everyone gave up. There were no clues in the guest house.

Everyone went back into the mansion. By now everyone was getting hungry, so Dk16 told everyone to get into groups of 2 and one group of 3. Jonolill and Ifrit were to find firewood, Voght and Dragon Thunder were to find food, and Dk's group was to keep looking for clues. Dk told everyone to meet back in the dining room at 4:30.

Everyone went to work on their tasks. Dk, Garibaldi, and jkjace had decided to search for clues upstairs. They started by looking in the bathroom where Deeg was killed. They wondered, if the body of Raiu was blocking the door, how could the killer have gotten in?

They searched the bathroom for 10 minutes but found nothing, until jkjace leaned up against the wall and put his hand on the candleholder. The wall pushed back to reveal a secret tunnel. Dk then realized that the killer wasusing these secret tunnels to make it seem as if he was vanishing and reappearing. Dk16, Garibaldi, and jkjace began to follow the dark tunnel. After 10 minutes of walking they stopped.

Garibaldi said, “I cant see a thing, can you Dk?”

“Obviously not!” he replied.

Just then, jkjace said, “Guys, thats not funny! Don’t touch me!"

"It wasn't me!" Dk16 and Garibaldi said in unison.

They then heard the sound of jkjace being gagged and dragged away. Dk and Garibaldi began to panic, so they ran. They finally reached the exit of the tunnel. Then they sprinted towards the dining room at full speed.

Everyone was there eating calmly until the body of jkjace fell from a secret passage above them. His chest was pierced by a knife, which was holding a note in place. Voght removed the knife and, feeling sick, began to read the blood-soaked note to everyone.

Chapter 15:(Untitled) written by: flaris


It said nothing. It was the Ace of Hearts and Ace of Clubs, but it seemed to have flaris's face on the Ace of Hearts and Doddsyboi's on the Ace of Clubs. At that moment, Garibaldi grabbed the Ace of Hearts and put it on the wall, as if it was a Japanese scroll charm.

Right there and then, flaris came out of the card, repaired gunblade and all.

"...the hell?" said Jonolill.

"No clue," said dk16.

"Hmm... now we know they ain't dead," replied Garibaldi.

Flaris then grabbed the Ace of Clubs and did the same thing. Doddsyboi shot out of the card and landed with a thump. At that moment, the Dark One appeared. Flaris and Doddsyboi charged at it, managing to sever an arm.

"Wow, you guys got good," said Dragon Thunder.

"Inside those cards, all we could do was practice with our weapons," replied flaris.

"Quickly, we must find the rest of the cards," said Ifrit and Voght. They went back to the guesthouse to get the rest of the cards. They found them all except for the Ace of Spades. Odin and Santa were nowhere to be found.

When the group turned back back, they saw that Zorg and the Dark One had appeared. Everyone took their battle positions, until dk16 noticed that they had an extra member: O

Chapter 16:(Untitled) written by: Garibaldi


Just then, Garibaldi woke up on a musty old couch in the mansion's parlor. He had fallen asleep after the small dinner everyone had. Garibaldi, still in shock over the way odin was killed, was having nightmares about people being resurrected through playing cards. As distressed as he felt, everyone else looked on edge after dinner, especially since the dark entity which inhabited the house was now reenacting one of his killings. All that they could hear for the next two hours were the screams of one of their companions, who had long since died, as he was tortured in unimaginable ways.

Dragon Thunder then walked into the room with a pair of car keys and said, "I think I just found our ticket outta here!"

The group walked to the garage and slid open the door to find a tiny little car. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a Pinto. Even if the party did feel lucky enough to risk driving a Pinto, the car had no gas. This was a truly evil house.

As the party returned to the house, they saw something truly horifying: the head of flaris -- or, what was left of it -- hanging from the dining room chandelier.

Whether this was an attempt to demoralize the survivors for the dark one's own sick enjoyment, or whether he was just screwing with them, it did not matter. Why? Becuase now more then ever before, their resolve was strengthened.

Chapter 17:(Untitled) written by: bongo17


Garibaldi was looking at the head when a bullet came smashing through the window. It hit him in the head, and blood flew everywhere.

"HOLY CRAP! HE'S GOT A SNIPER!" screamed dk16.

Everyone ran out of the room as quickly as possible. They ran into the living room and took cover under couches. After 10 minutes they decided he was gone. They crawled out of their places and sat on the couch.

"When will we get out of here?!" screamed Ifrit.

"Wait. Why don’t we don’t we see if the bus is still working?" asked dk16.

"Great idea! The killer likes to kill people when they aren't in groups, so we should stay together," said Jonolill.

They walked out of the mansion and saw the old bus sitting where they left it. They walked inside and started searching.

"Hmm... whats this?' asked dk16 as he picked up a laptop from under the seat.

"Hey! thats Zorg's laptop!' replied Jonolill.

"Let's check it out; I know how to hack," said dk16. He started searching it.

"Nothing!" said dk16, "He has nothing on it!"

"Ugh, what a waste. Let's go back and eat." said Jonolill.

They made their way back to the mansion, but before they could open the door, a bullet came crashing to the ground. Dk16 picked it up.

"Hmm, it says 'Space Coalition Industry' on the side," said dk.

"It's all clear to me now!' said Jonolill.

"That means that zorg--"

Before he could finish his sentence, another bullet hit him in the arm, and he fell to the ground.

"Jonolill!" cried Voght.

He raised his head slowly and said, "Zorg made that shadow thing... You have to kill z-z-zorg... ughhhh... I'm sorry guys, but I have to go..." His head fell to the ground, and his eyes just stared blankly at the sky.

"I think I know what he was trying to tell us," said dk16, staring at Jonolill, "We must eliminate Zorg, not that shadowy thing. He was created by zorg. If we kill zorg, the shadow dies too. If only I knew what that shadow was."

They hurried to the door, but there was something blocking it.

"You've learned too much about me and my plan," said the man.

"ZORG!" dk16 screamed. He picked his knife out and threw it at Zorg, who just dodged it.

"You mess with me; you mess with my friend," said Zorg tensely.

The shadow came through the door and said, "It's killing time!"

Chapters 18-20

Chapter 18:(Untitled) written by: Reloaded


The killer rushed toward the group. He grabbed Voght and held him up by the throat. Voght felt the grip tightening, but before the killer could crush his neck, his grip was broken. He fell to the ground because Ifrit had hit him with a shovel that he found leaning against the side of the house. The killer began to get up again, but Voght, Ifrit, and Dragon Thunder began to charge at him.

Dk yelled, “NO! Zorg! GET ZORG!”

The four of them charged at their former friend Zorg; but, before one of them could lay a finger on him, he dropped his sniper, pulled out two Uzis, and began shooting like a madman at the four people running toward him.

Dk dodged all the bullets in a slow-motion Matrix style. Voght and Ifrit ducked, but Dragon Thunder dodged to the right and was hit in the leg with 3 bullets. Zorg turned to face the wounded Dragon Thunder and began firing at him. As Zorg was shooting, Dragon Thunder DK rolled and picked up the sniper Zorg had dropped. Zorg turned around; the two were aiming their guns directly at each other. Zorg began shooting, and DK rolled to the left and shot him in the leg with the sniper.

Zorg fell to the ground in pain.

As all the shooting was going on, the cloaked killer had gotten to his feet and went to attack Voght and Ifrit. He had grabbed Ifrit, but before he could do anything, Voght grabbed the knife that DK had thrown and stabbed the killer in the back. He dropped Ifrit and began to scream, then vanished into a smoky shadow.

Dk aimed the rifle at Zorg’s head and said, “Now it ends. I will kill you and finish your sick, twisted game. You lose Zorg. GAME OVER!”

Dk shot Zorg straight through the forehead, and his body fell to the ground.

As the sun began to set, Dk said to his 2 friends “We did it! We killed him! Let's go inside. We can spend the night here and get help in the morning.”

They all agreed, went inside to their usual rooms, and fell sound asleep.

They had managed to kill Zorg, but the killer stood outside looking at the body of its creator. It began to scream. When the three survivors awoke and saw that the killer was still alive, the hooded figure looked up with red eyes and went into the house.

Dk, Voght and Ifrit began to panic as they heard the footsteps of the killer coming up the stairs.

Chapter 19:(Untitled) written by: bongo17


They ran down the stairs and took out their weapons, but there was no one there. Suddenly, Ifrit fell to the ground in pain. The other two both looked back in horror. The killer was standing right next to them with a knife in his hand.

"Hello guys", said the killer.

"AGH!" screamed Voght and dk16. They ran out the door and bullets flew everywhere.

"Wow, I guess Zorg didn't teach him much."

"Hello, what did I miss?" said a familiar voice.

"Hey zorg! -- wait... AHHHH!"

They ran backwards, but got stopped by the killer. They were cornered. Both (whats?) had pistols in their hands.

"How-- how did you survive, Zorg?"

"That I can't tell you," said Zorg.

"This mansion is mine, and you guys were too dumb to read the sign on the door."

Dk took out his knife and whipped it at Zorg. The bullet just stopped in mid-air and fell to the ground. There was a gunshot. It hit Voght in the head, and he fell to the ground.

"You hear that gunshot, Mr. Dk?"

"It is the inevitable."

"It is the sound of your death," said Zorg, as he shot bullets at dk.

"NO!" cried dk. He ran out of the way and jumped up the staircase, dodging all bullets in sight. He ran into his room and slammed the door.

Close behind, Zorg grabbed an axe mounted over the fireplace and banged it on the knob. The door burst open and the axe dropped, bent. Zorg came in, but dk16 was nowhere in sight.

"I know you're in here," said Zorg. He noticed that the window was shattered. He jumped through it, but when he landed, he was nailed to the wall. A knife hit him right in his stomach. Dk16 was waiting.


Just then, the killer burst through the walls with angry red eyes.

Dk turned himself around as the killer said, "Nighty night, dk."

Chapter 20:(Untitled) written by: dk16


"NO! Don't kill him!" the yell came from Zorg, "At least not yet."

"How many lives do you have?!" yelled dk16.

As he yelled this, the shadowy figure walked up behind dk16, grabbed him, and held a gun to his head. The firm grasp on dk16's shoulder was so strong that it hurt. Under Zorg's command, the shadowy figure forced dk16 to walk. They walked down the long, narrow hallways until they reached a dead end. Zorg, who was leading the way, felt around on the empty wall until finally his hand hit a small bump, which was almost impossible to see. Zorg poked the bump and the wall slid aside, revealing a narrow passageway with spiral stairs.

At the end of the passageway, there was a huge lab with test tubes, petri dishes, microscopes, and massive machinery. As dk16 looked around him, he thought to himself how creepy this was. It was like an old horror film.

Zorg sat down on a chair, in front of what looked like the main control systems. The dark figure held dk16, still holding the gun to his head.

"Welcome to Space Coalition Industries," Zorg said, "You obviously know by now that you cant kill either of us. You're probably going to ask me how it is possible. Well, I don’t need to answer that. You already know the answer."

"What are you talking about?! You're crazy!"

"Yes, I am crazy. but you were once like me too. Now you are trying to live your life as normally as possible. You're trying to forget your past, but you can't escape the truth. The past has just come back to haunt you..."

Dk16 told himself that he didn't know what Zorg was talking about. He told himself that Zorg was crazy, and he didn't make sense. He knew he was lying to himself. Suddenly dk16 had a flashback...

He saw himself lying in a glass tube in the same room he was lying in now. Zorg was in a glass tube next to him. suddenly, he felt thousands of volts of electricity run through his body. He was still alive, though. Zorg felt the same thing. The two of them stepped out of their tubes.

"It worked..." Zorg said. His invention was a success. They were now both invincible.

Several years later, Zorg and dk16 got into a fight. Their powers had corrupted them. Zorg had turned insane and evil, but dk16 wasn't totally crazy yet. He researched Zorg's invention and attempted to reverse the machine's effects. He tested it on himself, not even caring if it killed him. It didn't work. There was only one thing dk16 could do to keep himself sane: forget that it had ever happened and try to live a normal life.

The years went on, and dk16 did not think about it. Eventually he had wiped it out of his memory almost completely. Until now.

Dk16 snapped out of his flashback. Just then, the dark figure lowered his gun and stepped away, but dk16 did not try to escape. He only looked at zorg. The two of them suddenly broke down crying.

"What have we done to ourselves?!" The two of them cried. For that couple of moments, Zorg was thinking sanely and actually showed emotions. But the shadowy figure looked at them confused. He was taught to kill by Zorg, but now he was crying and hugging dk16. It wasn't right. It couldn't be his master...

"Must kill!" the hooded figure said.

"NO! I'm your master!" cried out Zorg.

The the hooded figure threw off its hood, revealing his face -- except it wasnt a face, it was a robotic head.

"Invalid command." It was... GAMEBOT!

"What do we have to worry about? We're invincible, remember?" said dk.

"I programmed him so he would be able to kill anyone, including myself. I don’t know what I was thinking. The powers are making me crazy"

Just as Zorg finished his sentence, Gamebot shot a beam of energy from his hand and hit Zorg in the head. Zorg's body slowly fell to the ground. He was finally dead. Zorg was finally free from the powers that were eating away at his mind, but at the cost of his life.

Dk16 stared in horror as Gamebot senselessly beat Zorg's lifeless body. Zorg was already dead, but gamebot kept it up until Zorg's body parts were scattered and smeared across the room. Dk16 stood in fear, unable to move, as Gamebot swung around, charging another beam of energy. Dk16 still stood frozen. The beam shot out of Gamebot's hand. Dk16 watched as the beam headed for him. He saw it all in slow motion. It was coming closer and closer. Dk16 tried to dodge it, but it was too late. He felt his skin burn as the beam came inches from his face. It was all over. The beam struck him in the face...

And then dk16 woke up. He was lying in his tent, at a campsite deep in the forest. He was on a camping trip with his friends. It was all just a dream; none if it really happened! Dk16 breathed a sigh of relief.

"Hey, quit breathing on my face!" said a robotic head lying next to him.

The End... Or Is It?