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Friends List

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Legacy's Friends List Unlock allows a friend list with 20 spaces to put names on, Which can be bought in the Platinum Store for 9,995P. Here is an example of a friends list:

Friends list.PNG

The names in gray are offline and the right hand column will tell you how long for e.g NaziHalo offline for 715 hours. If you add a Staff member as a friend it will say Unknown , for example, Vader.

All names in white are online and it will tell you what page they are looking at, at the time. The names in color are in Online Chat. For example, Tsukasa. To view who has added you as a friend click "[View]" and it will give you a list like this:


Remember, you need to buy the Friends List unlock in the Platinum store to get a friends list on Legacy. Also since the release of Abilities if one of your friends has stealth and is currently online it will show as *Stealth*.