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Chocobo Riders/Ranks

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System Removed
This article is about a system/item in or around the game that has been removed. Any information on this page may be out of date. It's just kept for historical purposes!
Chocobo Riders

Chocobo Master

The Chocobo Master is the leader of the clan, his devotion to it, is what has helped to make this such a great clan.

A proven Knight. They leads the rest of the riders into battle, and will always ensure victory through cunning strategies, causing as little disruption to the outside world as possible.

Chocobo Knight

Aaron Joined this excellent clan for truth,fun, and CHOCOBOS!!!.


This fine Chocobo Knight rose through the ranks quickly, and is always a source of valid and current information regarding the latest works of Square Enix

Grossman Is patient, this allows him plenty of time to think of the perfect strategy to ensure victory!

A Rider who has proven their loyalty and devotion. A Knight is someone who helps the Chocobo Master actively. Knights must be trustworthy as they help the Chocobo Master, and can judge another Rider's worthiness of moving up through the ranks, and lending them some cash when it is needed.

Chocobo Breeder

A Rider who has truly learnt how to take care of his fellow riders, and now breeds chocobos for his fellow Riders

Chocobo Mage
A Rider who has proven their trustworthiness. At this rank a Mage can give out loans and control money in the bank. It is for this reason they must show that they can be trusted. Only the most devoted Riders usually take this rank, as a major footstep on becoming a Chocobo Knight!

Chocobo Rider
A proven Rider. While still rough around the edges, they have proven themselves to pull through in a pinch.

Chocobo trainer

While still not skilled enough to ride the chocobos, they train them and build trust. Often they will go straight to breeders later, as their skill increases.

Boko feeder

Boko Feeders are the ones who have proven they are serious. In Order to start doing some real work like training or breeding the chocobos, they must prove themselves, and pass the judgement of their fellow feeders.

Stall boy

This is the bottom rung in the Chocobo Riders. All members start off here yet with perseverance, determination, loyalty, and activeness most will move up the ranks quickly.