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New Admin by Pie

Hi everyone!

If you weren't aware already, I'm the new Wiki Admin and that means I'll be taking over from Aaron as head of the Wiki. I'll be making an effort to continue the status quo, maintaining, modernising and improving the Wiki where necessary. Things have been ran pretty smoothly recently and I'm not looking to shake much up for the foreseeable.

I'll be doing a review of the SysOps team soon and if you feel like you'd be a good addition, please don't hesitate to reach out to me and we can have a chat. The Wiki is always looking for more passionate and talented people to maintain it.

If you're not up for maintaining the Wiki, please remember that you can still contribute! It's easy to edit a page to add/remove information, so if you see something wrong or if something needs adding, please don't hesitate to update the page yourself. Systems are constantly changing and it's not easy to keep everything up to date 100% of the time. If you're not comfortable editing a page, please contact me or one of the SysOps and we'd be happy to make the change instead.

That's it from me. Status quo, SysOps team review & remember that you can edit the wiki yourself if you feel comfortable!

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Cleaning Up by Aaron
A bit late, but I am the new Wiki Admin! Connor Is now the Clan Admin, and can be contacted for anything urgent if I am not online.

I've made efforts to modernize the wiki and cleaned up a few of the older pages, and I highly recommend visiting my favourite project so far, the Shadow Forge But Legacy keeps on adding in MASSIVE new systems with a ton of information and this takes time from the whole team, in particular I'd like to thank Pillage and Delta for helping to both mend, and be the glue that holds this place together.

Another update of particular note is the Drone System, where we're continually adding new information as it's released, and of course the new Raid content which is still under construction as of this post, but already contains valuable information. (It's just not pretty yet!)

If you would like to step up and be apart of the official wiki team, aka the Wiki SysOps, we're always looking for another solid addition to the team and I'll be happy to discuss the process either through PM or you can reach me through the Legacy Discord The Wiki will always need updates, but even if you're not ready to edit an article yet you can still contribute! Any information you feel should be on the wiki can be messaged to me in game, and I'll bring it straight to the Wiki team's discord so we can expand and build. It takes a lot to make a useful page, so every contribution helps and will be noted in the edit history.

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Connor character2.png
Just A Quick Update by Connor
So this is the first news post since 2013! First of all, I am your new wiki admin as of 2 months ago! Any questions to do with the wiki please feel free to message me in game and I will get back to you! Sysop applications are also open in the Main Forum, so if you're interested, apply! I am planning a mass update to the wiki as quite a few pages are outdated and do not have the correct information in them. If you see anything that isn't up to date, feel free to edit it yourself :)

Thanks for reading and have a good day!

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Many Changes by Will
Hey guys! Been a while since I've done one of these. But there's quite a bit you should be aware of. First off: new Volunteer Helpers!!! Welcome Michelle and Stephan. Fear not though, I am still your neighborhood friendly Wiki Admin! However, all the other Volunteer Helpers are trained in the wiki and can assist you if I am not around to help you with something. The Wiki is continuously needing updates, which can be done by any of you! If you would like to be apart of the official wiki team, aka the Wiki SysOps, feel free to drop me a message on Legacy requesting that and we will talk about it a bit. Also, another point of interest for everyone is the new page on the HCS Ticket System. It is the new ticket system we are using as opposed to the old one. It's still really easy to use, there's just a few differences from old and new. So be sure to check it out to avoid confusion. I only bring it up because it's one of the easiest ways to get ahold of one of us for reports. Whether in Legacy itself, or for the wiki. Thanks for reading!
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Wiki News by Will
First off: Merry late Christmas and Happy late New Year from the Wiki Team! Few things for you to note. If you are reading this but can't actually log in to the wiki, your user ID is what you login with to Legacy and your password is temporarily located in the Account Options section on Legacy. Speaking of the Wiki, myself and Josh are looking for new Wiki SysOps at any and all points. You can send either myself or Josh an email at our Legacy emails or a message in game explaining you would like to join the Wiki SysOp team and we will go from there. There is a new round for the Wasteland going on right now. We also posted the results for the past round. Congrats to the winners! And finally: if you have any questions about the wiki: feel free to submit a wiki ticket or contact one of the wiki admins!
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Merge with HCS by Will
Quite a lot has happened recently. So lets go over a few things. Your new Wiki login information is still your name used in Legacy. Your password can be located in your Account Options. The password will be displayed so all you have to do is copy and paste it and you're set. Also, Josh is one of the new Bureaucrats on the Wiki. Meaning he is a 2nd Wiki Admin. So if you have any issues with the Wiki one of the SysOps cannot handle, you can contact either myself or Josh via message or ticket. Also, be sure to refer to recent Blogs posted by Zorg and Scott for info on Legacy itself. The wiki is used as like a giant history book. So you new players that are reading this, feel free to look around to see the old, present, and potential future Legacy.
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Wiki Clarification by Will
Contrary to popular belief, the Wiki SysOps are not here to cater to every need that a person may need for the Wiki. Anyone can login to the Wiki with their Legacy information and can make edits just the same as literally anyone else (except for pages that are setup to be protected). As it says in their page description, they are simply "Moderators" of the Wiki. Which means they are not obligated to help someone with the Wiki. Granted, they are there to assist you if you are not able to edit something or are unsure of how to do something. Also, the new Wiki SysOps are Marethyu, MikaZuki, and Lycan. Glacieus is still around as an experienced SysOp to help out. There is also a Wiki Clan that the SysOps are a part of to make it easy to find them. You can also potentially find people who are experienced with the Wiki or are wanting to learn about the Wiki. This is the "Legacy Wiki" clan
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Wiki Back Online by Will
As you guys may have or may not have noticed, the Wiki is now back online and functioning properly. Like in Zorg's blog, all you have to do to login now is use your account information for Legacy. This little tactic automatically eliminates any and all spam bots that use to plague the wiki. So now, if you do something bad on the wiki, myself and the other staffords will know who you are ;). As of right now, I still have my Wiki SysOps to help, of which all consist of DMaster, Dante, Kage, and Glacieus. So if you find something that needs to be updated, feel free to make a Wiki ticket about it or contact any of these 4 to get it resolved.
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Wiki Update by Will
Letting you guys know what is up with the Wiki. The massive amount of spam bots being created is the whole reason for the lockdown on the Wiki. Until a new security measure is put in place that is more effective than what we already have, modifying, editing, adding new pages are strictly limited to Staff and the Wiki SysOps. If you need anything done, either submit a Wiki Ticket or contact one of the SysOps. Once this issue has been alleviated, everyone will be allowed to edit and make new pages like before. Until then, we have to resort to this so the Wiki is not covered with spam pages.
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SysOp change around by Will
Just a heads up for all who use the Wiki. There has been a slight change around with the Wiki SysOps team. Unfortunately, defosage had to many things in his life taking up time on Legacy, so he went ahead and stepped aside as not only a SysOp, but also as a Guide. He did an awesome job at both positions. Luckily, I already found a player who was willing to become a SysOp. So, Glacieus is now part of the team. So now, if you have any Wiki issues, you can still make a ticket to get ahold of myself, or you can contact Altair, Dante, Glacieus, or Kage.
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New Wiki SysOps by Will
Alright everyone. As you saw earlier in the week, I was looking for 2 new Wiki SysOps to add to my team. After a bit of deliberation, I have decided to add Dante and Kage to the team. So they will be helping me and the others keep the Wiki more up to date. If you need help with anything on the Wiki, feel free to PM myself, defosage, Kage, Dante, or Altair.
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Member Gallery when Changing Gangs by Will
Hello again! This is just a general reminder to all that plan on moving to a different gang that have a picture in one of the Member Galleries. When you change gangs, could you please move your picture to the new appropriate gang or contact one of the Wiki SysOps or even myself, Will, and we'll gladly do it for you. I like to keep everything as up to date as I can, but I can't keep track of when people change gangs that have their pic in the gallery. It'd just make things easier and more accurate. Thanks in advance.
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Staff to Volunteer Helper by Will
Now that the merger with Hunted Cow Studios (HCS) has been completed, some drastic changes have been made to the Staff team, now known as Volunteer Helpers. First thing to note is that Mohith, Aldo, SuddenBlue (formerly known as Pascal), Shade, and DMaster are no longer with us. Their service is greatly appreciated and they have now been released as regular players once again. Next to note is that I am the new Wiki Admin and I will be doing my best to keep this up to date (the Announcements included) as well as every other portion. Myself and [[Macey are the new Community Admins, Neltharion is the new Clan Admin, dk16 is still a Graphic Artist, and Scott is still our Boss (as well as those over him). Other areas will have to be covered by the new Staff from HCS. So, still create your tickets normally and they will be handled as quickly as possible. Thanks
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Pascal is Back by Pascal
After some disagreements, fighting and shooting behind the scenes, I am happy to tell you all, that I am back as Wiki and newly instated Clan Admin. All is fine now, we have put our guns away and are working together again as a team (how it should be). Mohith and me are currently looking for some new Wiki Sysops, if you think you have enough experience and knowledge of Wiki and you would like to work with us, contact me (Pascal) or Mohith via a message. Funny, serious and creative responses is something we like very much.
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Pascal Stepping Down by Mohith
Due to Pascal stepping down from Staff after a solid year as Wiki Admin, the Staff Manager, Scott, and the Asst. Wiki Admin, Mohith, shall temporarily be in charge of the Wiki till a replacement can be found. Pascal has done a tremendous job maintaining the Wiki, and his other Staff duties and hopefully the replacement can fill his shoes. We wish Pascal the best, and thank him for his efforts.
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Outfits now viewable by everyone! by Pascal
You always wanted to see the outfits you cannot wear yet on your Character Design? Or just because you aren't female or male? Well now you can! The Wiki Sysops and me worked as hard as we could to upload every single character outfit on this wiki. So check the Character Design page out!
Also, since the level cap removal new outfits will be added once someone has reached the required level, not earlier!
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New Wiki Admin! by Pascal
So I will be the new Wiki Admin from now on, basically I will take over everything that Scott did on the wiki.Smiley 10.gif (He is still Development Manager though!). That will mean that you can bug me with questions about the wiki, Make a ticket if you need help from now on. I will be also looking for some more Wiki Sysops, so if you are interested leave me a application at Smiley 9.gif

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Wiki r' Us! by Scott
Well.. The last news post was in February so here's an update! due to update 1.7.00 alot of images/information on the Wiki is out of date Smiley 3.gif So all info will be updated and the history added. All images will be updated and you can click the image for past versions, please bear with us in this HUGE update. Thanks! Smiley 22.gif

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Damn that Wikia! by Scott
After a 3 day move we're back! ... Why I hear you ask? It's because of the adverts mainly. Long story short you'd be looking at huge adverts for CD cleaners rather than the pages. All main pages and images have been moved. However you will need to make a new account and transfer your user page yourself. If you spot any problems with the Wiki please fix them! Any major problems send a ticket! Have Fun! Smiley 36.gifSmiley 19.gif

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On the Move by Zorg
So yeah, turns out moving to Wikia was a mistake. Had various problems with their setup and advertisements, as such we've decided to come back to host the wiki on our own servers. This gives us countless advantages and with my increased experience with MediaWiki I should have everything looking better than ever. Please bare with us while we move articles across though.

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Wikia by maddoctor

Welcome to the Legacy Wikia. As you can see we have been here for a while but we still need your help! If you're new to the wiki, you may want to read the rules. If you need editing help please click here or if you dislike reading there are video’s located here.

Please note any vandalism will be reverted and dealt with and ip’s/accounts that are causing problems within the Wikia community will be forwarded to Zorg.

Happy editing! Smiley 19.gif
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Wiki Move by Zorg
We have recently moved to Wikia, we are still in the process of moving over articles from the old Wiki and expect it to take some time before this one is fully up to date, you will also need to sign up for this new site as it is part of the Wikia network.

Posted on 2008-05-22 / Comments on this Post

Hi Again by NaziHalo
I've started working on the wiki again. There's a lot of work to do, and I would really appreciate your help! Every player is welcome to
  • write articles
  • edit articles
  • moderate articles
  • participate in talk page discussions
If you're new to the wiki, you may want to read the rules and editing help. Feel free to leave a note on my talk page if you have any questions or feedback.
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