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LegCon 2 - Points Raised

Thank you to everyone who turned up to LegCon last night and put forward your gang views. Myself and Zorg will take the feedback and you'll see a few changed within the next few days. Below you will see the main points Zorg wanted raised and the outcome, then below that the points that gangs raised.

- Chamber of Elders:
The main point about Elders is it had no reason to be there and was just collecting dust. In LegCon a few good points where raised and now the elder forum will have all its members reviewed and any deemed inactive/not taking part within the forum will be removed. The forum itself will be wiped so we have a clean slate to discuss things on and Elders will be chosen by other Elders with myself and Zorg having the final say but I'm looking at letting some applications through.

- Legacy Affairs:
The feedback on this point surprised me a little, the main point is that there isn't a sufficient amount of people within Legacy Affairs to make it work and with some members M.I.A not many reports where being handled. So it was raised that members will be now picked from the Chamber of Elders, meaning to get a shot at Legacy Affairs you would first need to become an Elder.

- Flame Forum:
The points about this is that at the moment we cant allow a total un-moderated forum as some people have already tested how far is too far and if we allow that because we're hosted in the UK we're bound by United Kingdom law. The Terms of Service will be updated soon and we will clamp down on some stuff. I know that sounds like it's going to be a fully modded forum but it's not. Only Staff will have mod powers in that forum and we will only filter out things that break the updated ToS.

- Player Count/Advertisement:
Zorg doesn't want to advertise when the game is in a state of rebuild as it would just start to become a waste of money. So after a few more systems have been rebuilt this point will be brought up at a later LegCon.

- Dark Flame Point: Gang Hopping/Further credit charges:
We didn't really see people switching gangs as an issue however we will not raise it from 500c. If there is a problem then work together to find a solution. If you have repeat offenders then create a "black list" and double check with your Staff Reps that anyone added to that list has a fair restriction and isn't just permanent.

- Dark Flame Point: 5th Gang within Legacy:
In short: No. It would count as a quick fix within Legacy and doesnt really solve anything at all. It would cause more issues than it would fix and a lot of systems would need to be redesigned to incorporate said gang. If people aren't happy with their gang then switch to another. There's always Rogue :)

- Dark Flame Point: Radiance/Staff Favor:
Radiance is only meant to buy the person time to do.. nothing so to speak. A counter-ability would just prove worthless. Second point is staff favor. I have to say anyone getting +3 or more is very rare. I know some will argue that "it happens all the time so here are the last date of a +3 and the time before that. 1)08:36 2010-05-19 (+3), 2) 10:59 2010-05-3 (+3). Also with the new combat system it doesn't have much effect on a player.

- The Chapter Point: New Fighting System:
It was raised about people having to accept/deny a fight. We can't really comment as the system is still being built but we can say the new fighting system will be dependant on new abilities so you'd need an "ask permission" system to stop people from killing every off-line player.

- Blade of Dawn Point: Credit Refund:
It was raised that player could/should get a refund once hunting becomes free. I took a quote from the log that explains why we're not doing that.
"23:39:01 [Zorg] yeah I'm going to refund 4 years of hunting, tell him to expect a bajillion credits in the mail shortly"

- Outcasts Point: Credit Transfers:
We do sort've agree with the problems this causes so the new Chamber of Elders will start discussing this from tomorrow.

- Outcasts Point: Rank 10 Items:
No Idea why one gang has a trophy and others don't :O but! bcfcespley will be remaking a thread in one of the forums soon relaunching his campaign for rank 10 items. I urge councils to re-start their debates and try find the old threads vis forum search to find out what was rejected last time!

- Outcasts Point: Gang Chat Moderation:
Again, this will be another topic that the Chamber of Elders will discuss and it might result in gang leaders having a silencing ability, then again it might not but it has been raised that the chat is being used and abused.