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Legacy History

I first created an account back when I was 9 or 10, a long time again. I was still young so i got banned many times for many stupid things. Eventually I waited and joined again under the name "Maxpower". I got to around level 30 and just stayed at level for a few years, as I still didn't quite understand the game at that time. I logged in on and off for a few years up until about 3 years ago I started to level again. I got to around level 60 (at this time I was in The Chapter) and decided to apply for their trainer position, and I got it! I stayed a trainer for a few months and eventually stepped down after thinking I got the most out of the job. I eventually left The Chapter to join Blade of Dawn, and i'm still in that gang to this day! #bod4lyfe

Real Name:
Staff Position:

Connor Smith
Community Clan Admin


October 24th, 1997
Blade Of Dawn


Character design(s) I've gone to like over the last couple of years.
Connor char.pngConnor character2.png


In 2017 I applied to be a player guide and after an interview with Will & Scott, I got the position and started along side Wolf as he was being interviewed the same time as me. I eventually left as I found it to be boring doing the same little job each day, a decision that I regret - It was a fun job at the end of the day!
I re-applied for Guide and got hired again on the 17th May 2018.
I was hired by Will as the Community Wiki Admin on June 9th 2018.

As of April 2019, I am the current Community Clan Admin.


Zach2.png Me and Zach started out by hating each other, and he got banned at one point for insulting me on side chat once xD We found out that we both share an interest in the kind of shows we watch and I have considered him a good friend since.

Will.png Will helped me a lot around my Guide job back when I was one, he also showed me a bit about the wiki and reminded me to use the "preview" option more, forever thankful for your advice! <3

Wolf CommunityA CD.png Wolf and I worked together as guides. There was always this running joke between the staff that we never slept, because we were always logged in doing guide stuff :p Wolf quickly became a good friend as we spent most days in the same place.

Faelust.png Fae is the funniest Legacy player that I have ever spoken to. And she gave me a loan once, that was nice. I remember once I tried to make a graphic hairstyle for Legacy, she did not approve. It was quite funny seeing how bad I was at Pixel Art.

Scott.gif Scott taught me a lot about being a guide, and what not to do, and what to do. He always found something to complain about that I was doing 'wrong', but all in all, he was really helpful and a good friend!

Connor character2.png


My Face:

Me myself connor.jpg