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My character design after I got Avatar.

Pillage (Born August 17th, 1993) is an American Legacy player who lives in Baldwinsville, New York. He is an Elder Council member of The Chapter, and a Wiki SysOp.


Personal Life

Pillage was born Joseph Allen Dykes in Montgomery County, Houston, Texas. He lived there until he was 7 with his mother and father, and then in 2000 his mother and him moved to New York to start life anew. After a few years they had a house of their own, and later sold it and moved into his mom's boyfriends house in the same town, where he currently lives. His hobbies and interests include hanging out with friends, playing Legacy, and playing xBox 360 with his best friend Jake who lives in Georgia.

Legacy Career

I started playing Legacy on December 16th, 2007. I believe I saw it on the top 10 while I was voting for another game and I decided to check it out. I started in BoD and really had no idea what to do at all. I figured out that I should attack people but blah blah I sucked. Then one day I was getting riled in SC and talking about Hitler, and Heggs took notice to my hilarity. And that's when I got my first disfavor, btw. I got a -1 and it really upset me because at the time character design was my favorite part about the game. Anyways, Heggs recruited me from BoD into TC, and I've stayed ever since. TC really helped me a lot, and I didn't get so involved with the community at the time but I was relatively involved. I ended up getting to around level 58 and since I was a naughty teenager my mom took my computer. I managed to get ahold of Heggs to let her know who got ahold of base while he was still staff and he gave me a holiday ban. Well that really saved me, if it weren't for that I probably wouldn't have ever come back. But then I finally did come back and got everything sorted out, and then I drifted for a while. I stayed to work turns for a while, and would spend some time online chatting in SC or maybe glance at the gang forums, but nothing serious. And of course I was giving out loans since I had so many credits, and I'd just grab some interest, figured it was no harm no foul. Well at one point I didn't log in at all for almost long enough to get deleted, to find out that a 10k loan I gave out hadn't been payed back at all. When I got ahold of the person they told me that they thought I had gotten deleted already. Never the less I found the logs and forced him to pay it back, mwuhahaha. Btw, if you're reading this, you know who you are. Finish paying it back! >=[ Anyways, well once I started collecting on that loan back, I got interested in the game again. So I started doing the forums again and wling and leveling, and I got really really back into it. At the moment I'm about 1.2 million experience away from Avatar, and Council for Chapter. Go me. :D<3


Will be finished later.