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Pillage Why More Info Past Cycles
To create a more realistic gangster feel; has been suggested several times in the past, as a way to make gang membership more meaningful. Also it is lots of fun. Much more info in the "gang codex" book, in your gang library. 2008 2009 2010 2011
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A feature of Legacy. Wasteland Rewards

Pillage (est. December 14, 2007) is currently a member of The Chapter, and a Wiki SysOp.


Legacy.png Legacy
This user plays Legacy. Wow, what are the odds?

Past Achievements

In the past, Pillage has held a variety of leadership positions for The Chapter. These include: Elder Council, Trainer Master, and Trainer. Pillage also had a brief tenure as a Wiki SysOp once before.


I rather like this color.

Saved Quotes

08:20:02base performed an attack on Parka.
08:20:02base collapses from radiation poisoning.
08:20:02base defeated Parka in combat.

Buh166 : 01:09 - it's 2010
Buh166 : 01:09 - i don't feel any different
Pillage : 01:10 - Its one of those sneaky feelings.
Buh166 : 01:10 - you mean like a stalker?
Pillage : 01:10 - Not quite...
Pillage : 01:11 - More like an assassin, only friendlier.
Buh166 : 01:11 - an evil taco with cheese
Pillage : 01:11 - Like, he'll sneak up on you and stab you,
Pillage : 01:11 - But then say sorry afterwards.
Buh166 : 01:11 - that's my new year's resolution
Pillage : 01:11 - Get killed by an apologetic assassin?
Buh166 : 01:11 - i don't like being stabbed

Mandle : 00:42 - We sail this night for singapore
Mandle : 00:42 - take your blankets from the door
Pillage : 00:43 - Call your mom a big fat *****
Mandle : 00:43 - the whole town's made of iron ore!!!

Arretu : 22:52 - oh, and pillage I have a gift for you
Pillage : 22:52 - A gift?
Arretu : 22:52 - *glomps Pillage*
Arretu : 22:52 - there ya go
Pillage : 22:52 - oh noez ive been glomped
Arretu : 22:52 - very rare I might add.
Pillage : 22:52 - I will totally sick basement cat on you
Arretu : 22:52 - about 5 people ever get them, 6 with you

09:46:25 Zach, 3Gz, Pillage, Mary, Predator and rollin340 are pulled into view.

Wiki Test Junk

'Positionsr Elder Council, Trainer Master, Trainer'
Time in Chapter: Like 10 years dawg
Favorite Food: Milksteak
I drink a lot of water
My character design after I got Avatar.


Please note: can I do anything with this?


Wiki To-Do list

quests page overhaul
add material storage to quests page
crafting // crafter's guild (recipes)
crystal stats (items) (Will has excel sheet)
continue enhancing phantom item page

  1. RAIDZ

update equippables database (lowbie gear drop locations)
add shield to ability page
ability page overhaul

Wiki Accomplishments list

1. Helped with creation of equippables database (many moons ago :p )
2. Created Phantom Items page
3. Created the scariest user page of all time

Minor Updates
Added material storage to quests page
Began crafter's guild overhaul