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Tokens are used to gamble in the casino. If you accumulate enough of them you can exchange them for items from the Casino Shop

Ways to accumulate tokens

  • 1. Buy them. They cost 15 credits each. If you have a subscription, the price is reduced to 10 credits per token. You can purchase up to 500 tokens per transaction.

Prices was reduced on the 6th August 2009, due to a suggestion in the forums. They used to be 25c for non-subscribers and 20c for subscribed people !

  • 2. At midnight each day, your tokens get renewed. This means that if you had lower than 50 tokens at midnight, you would be topped back up to 50 tokens. If you have the Silver Card, the amount becomes 75. If you have a Gold Card, the amount becomes 100. If you have Staff Favor the amount is increased by 25.
  • 3. WIN! If you win at any casino game you will get tokens back. This is also true for the lottery but it varies depending on the amount of people that entered. The amount won at the rat races is also dependent on which rat you bet on.
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Top Ten Tokens

Top 10 List (Click to Enlarge)

While it may be cool to have your name on this list, it is not seen as much of an accomplishment, as people usually spend their tokens on things and get more credits selling them.