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The Quickfire

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What is the Quickfire?

It's a game developed to help students quickly access information at the sound of a keyword. The QIA (Quick Information Access) helps you in tests and has proven in real world examples to improve the students knowledge of a Subject. The Quickfire enhances this part of your brain and it focuses on General Knowledge, Life Experiences and Specializations (Like Math, English, Science, History.)

How it works:

The game is simple and takes place here in Online Chat. You will have a limited amount of time to answer multiple questions that relate to the topic provided by the Game Host. Topics range from general knowledge, Special Knowledge and Life Experiences. All questions are worth the same amount of points which will be 5 points.

An example would be: Topic: WW2. Question 1: What proved to be the beginning of the War? 
Question 2: Who was the dictator of Italy during WW2 and what party did he represent?
Question 3: What pact was made at the beginning of World War 2 and why was it necessary? 
Question 4: What was the miracle at Dunkirk?
 Player Answers: Q1: Invasion of Poland by Germany. 
 Q2: Mussolini, Fascist. 
 Q3: Non-Aggression between Soviet Union and Germany, necessary because Hitler did not want to fight a two front war. 
 Q4: The extraction of remaining French forces before the fall of France to Germany.


  • 1.) Stay away from Google
  • a. This competition is meant to test what you know in a limited amount of time, using google will slow you down.
  • 2.) No sharing answers
  • a. This is a free for all
  • 3.) All answers must be submitted through the private chat window
  • a. This is so the Game Host can keep track of who gave what answers and so we don’t spam chat
  • 4.) YOU must attend the quick-fire and you must be in Online Chat. I will not accept someone posting answers for you.


  • Q.) How will I know when a Quick-fire is going to take place?
  • A.) A Quick-Fire is essentially like a pop-quiz only it was developed, by me, as a review tool for high school students. I will not give exact dates or times of quick-fires.
  • Q.) If you don’t announce them how will we know to attend?
  • A.) 5-10 minutes before a quick-fire begins I will announce over side-chat that a quick-fire challenge is being held in Online Chat.
  • Q.) What prizes will there be?
  • A.) The Quick-Fire will work on a total points system where at the end of each month the top 3 highest total points people will be awarded a prize, most likely staff favor/credits

The Points System – There will be two lists, Total Points and Current Points. Total Points will rank you on the score board, Current Points will allow you to purchase special abilities to hinder others and help yourself.


Rank Name Current Points Total Points
1 Nitrous 26 82
2 Zorg 35 75
3 Macey 12 70
4 ManBearPig 1 59

The Store

Here you can purchase special abilities to hinder your opponents or help yourself.

  • Delay Opponent 5pts

One opponent of user’s choice will be delayed 10 seconds. When this ability is used, the person delayed will be silenced for 10 seconds.

  • Freeze Out 10pts

One opponent of user’s choice will be frozen out of one round. They will not be allowed to participate for that topic.

  • BS Artist 20pts

When used, two of the user’s incorrect answers will be marked correctly. Can be used at any time.

  • An Apple for Teacher 20pts

When used, two of your opponent’s correct answers will be marked incorrectly. Can be used at any time.

  • Special Needs 30pts

Get an extra hint when you are stumped on a topic.

  • Cheaters Are Winners/Losers 50pts

When used, you will be given 5 of the answers that an opponent, of the user’s choice, gave. These answers could be correct or incorrect. So it’s not always best to cheat!

  • Schoolyard Bully 75pts

When used, you can steal a range of 10%-20% of one of your opponent’s total points and they will be added to your total points. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ADDITIONAL POINTS TO YOUR CURRENT POINTS.

  • Paper Swap 100pts

Completely steal an opponent’s answers for a better shot at winning and they will be given your answers. Keep in mind, your opponent isn’t always right and you will not be able to take this back!

  • Time Limits? Who needs’em? 150pts

You will be last to be graded and will have until I start to grade you to keep throwing out answers.

  • The Giver 225pts

Take between 30-60% of an opponent’s Current Points and spread them across the contestants. This will effect Total Points and Current Points of the receivers.

  • Bye, Bye, Bye 300pts

When used, it will wipe out all opponents Current Points except the User’s. Total points will not be affected.

  • Say What!?! ???

Based on Bet You bet your own points to guess how many points an opponent gets that round. If you are wrong, you lose the points you bet. If you win, the points you bet are doubled and added to your total points.

All special abilities are one time use only!