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Not to be confused with avatar abilities.

Skills contribute to your combat effectiveness by increasing the amount of damage you do and decreasing the amount of damage you take. There are 4 skills:

  • Gun Skill
  • Melee Skill
  • Projectile Skill
  • Defensive Skill

Unlike points, skills are gained through practice. Defensive skill is increased when you take damage, while the other three are increased by making ineffective attacks with the respective weapon type. Missing, which is determined by the Accuracy stat, does not appear to raise skills.

Mixed Weapon Bonus

This bonus was implemented to remove the disadvantage of wielding two weapons of unlike type (Gun, Melee, or Projectile). When carrying weapons of two different types, the player receives double the skill bonus normally granted by each weapon (see below for example).

When a player carries two of the same kind of weapon, they receive the skill bonus from each weapon. However, this skill bonus applies to both weapons.


Arm Blade gives +6 melee skill.
Rapier give +4 melee skill.
Therefore, each weapon will hit with +10 melee skill.

Without a mixed weapons bonus, players who carry two different weapon types are at a disadvantage, as the skill bonuses provided by each weapon generally only apply to that weapon type.


Revolver gives +6 gun skill
Rapier gives +4 melee skill
The Revolver will hit with +12 gun skill, and the Rapier will hit with +8 melee skill (both twice the normal skill value contributed by each weapon).

The same applies for weapons that give skill bonuses for more than one type of weapon.


Crossbow gives +6 gun skill and +6 melee skill
Rapier gives +4 melee skill
The Crossbow will hit with +12 gun skill, and the Rapier will hit with +20 melee skill (2*6 from Crossbow + 2*4 from Rapier).

For a full list of all weapons and the skill bonuses they contribute, please see the Equippables Database