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Player Search

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Player Search

Player search, which you can reach in Fighting > Fight Player, is exactly what it says. You can search for a player by name by level range, and also HP range.You may also search for only specific gang members, like BoD or OC. You can sort which levels go first when you click the "search" button. There are also different filters that you may choose to check to your liking. It is also used to check whether people are healthy or injured.

  • NOTE: If you are focusing on levelling up from PVPing, then it is most suggested that you check the "Only display attackable players" and you uncheck "Players on maximum health only". These settings will help you not waste time by accidentally clicking on a player who is injured and maximize the players you can attack by showing the people who are only partially injured. You still get exp from these players with low HP. Also, you may only attack a player once a day, with the exception of being in the Wasteland. Killing a player in the WL will count towards your 1 kill per day limitation.

Player Search: Results

After you enter your query you get a result screen, which shows the ten first results based on your sorting. You may look at the next results by going to the bottom of the tenth result and clicking "next". Here you can use the quick link on the left to attack the player or press the players name to get to that players profile.


If you get too many results and don't find what you are looking for, you need to tighten the level or hp values or change the sorting.

Once you click on a name, it will appear to the right of "Target" and you can click Attack to attempt to PVP that player and win! Once you defeat a player, you gain exp based on level and level span from you and that player. This cost no credits, so it is the cheapest was to earn exp.

If you attack at least one person during that day you attack someone, at the right of the "search for player bar", you will notice a box that titles at the top, "Attacked Today" This lists the people you have attacked and will tell you who you cannot attack again until the next day, as specified in the text above.

Quick Player Look Up

There is a different type of lookup located in the Hall of Records. This will allow you to find players without having to accidentally attempt to kill them. In 2009 Zorg made a little box under the player profiles.
Click for a larger version!

You can also find this in anyone's profile, located at the top. It will title, "Quick Search", and you can enter a player's name to be warped to his/her profile!