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Online Now, located in the menu below the category listing shows a list of all the players that have been active within the last 10 minutes. The Online Now table shows the name, level, location, and links to view the profile and to attack for each of the players listed. The players listed are arranged in alphabetical order by default, which can be changed to be listed by level or location in Game Settings. As of Zorg's 1.6.10 Weekly Update, he added in categories which filters out online players according to their Gang.


Below this list are the Online Now stats, which show how many players are currently online, the most online, and the total number of accounts. Below the Online Now stats is the List Information Key, which shows the key to tell the inactive time of each player in minutes and how to locate yourself on the Online Now list. Finally, the current day's birthdays are shown at the very bottom of the page, showing the username and then the age in parentheses.