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System Removed
This article is about a system/item in or around the game that has been removed. Any information on this page may be out of date. It's just kept for historical purposes!

Please note that this should not be confused with Gang Libraries, these are still part of the game this page is in reference to the Central Library that has been removed.

The library was located in Sector 1 it was controlled by Scott and use to be one of the many sources of information for Legacy. It contained eight books:

Library Books
Creators Books

The books below were written by the creators of the game, the people who did all the actual scripting of everything you see before you.

Newbie Guide by Zorg
Staff Books

Written by the Staff employed on Legacy, people who have a greater look at the inside working of the game than normal players.

Casino Guide by rorixblade
Game FAQ by Vader and DesertLady
Accounts FAQ by Scott and Vader
Player Books

Written by normal players, more experienced in tactics within the game than the creators and some of the staff.

The Legacy Market by nomah90
Abilities by DesertLady
Ticket Help by Guilt
How to Play Legacy by DOGOBGYN

The Books

Creator Books

Book4.png Basic Guide Written by Zorg. This book consists of general information for "newbies". It contains information on the general aim of Legacy, on leveling up, on healthy and injured status, on the turn system, on starting off and also on the location of certain places. It also offers you a chance to go on a tour of the game.

Staff Books

Book2.png Casino Guide - Written by rorixblade. Explains the workings of the games, payouts, etc.
Book2.png Game FAQ - Written by Vader. Explains awnsers to some questions asked frequently on Legacy.
Book2.png Accounts FAQ - Written by Scott and Vader. Explains awnsers to most account problems on Legacy.

Player Books

Book3.png The Legacy Market - Written by nomah90. This book explains in depth the mechanics and advantages of the Market.
Book3.png Abilities - Written by DesertLady. This book explains in depth the mechanics and advantages of the Ability System.
Book3.png Ticket Help - Written by Guilt. This book explains in depth the mechanics and advantages of the Ticket System.
Book3.png How to Play Legacy - Written by DOGOBGYN. Explains a basic guide for level's 1-30.

Gang Library

Each gang will have their own Gang Library that will explain how gangs work and other things relating to gangs. It is located at the Gang Control Panel. There are many rules for gang library books. For example, any swearing or images that break the template will result in the book being deleted and the last editor/editors disfavored.